Sewing up a storm at SJHS

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At Springville Junior High students are having a great time in an elective class called Clothing Exploration. Students may take this class in eighth and ninth grade.  This is a class where students are taught the parts of a sewing machine, how to measure material, sew, and thread the sewing machine. Students are required to do five projects to pass after they finish all of their projects they may work on a mystery project.

Students start this class by going and getting their fabric, after students have purchased their fabric; they check their machine for anything wrong. After they check everything for flaws they may begin working on whatever project they are on. 

“I’ve made pajama pants, a zipper bag, and I just finished an apron,” said Caitlin Dinkel, eighth grader at SJHS.  “And I’m not sure what I’m going to make as a fourth project.” In Clothing Exploration you are supposed to make a zippered bag, pajama pants, an apron, and a quilt. 
Students may choose whatever fabric they like as long as it is school appropriate. “If you forget your fabric, to bad so sad,” said Addison Bowers, and Eighth grader at SJHS.

Shannon Lott, SJHS Staff Writer