SJHS: A Destination or a Journey?

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Springville Junior High School students and teachers are finding unique ways to get to school. On weekdays everyone needs a way of getting to the junior high. There’s the usual: walking, taking the bus, or getting a ride from a parent. But this year, SJHS is uncovering new ways to get from point A to point B.

One of the unique ways Springville Junior students get to school is on unicycles. Tanner Gervais, Brent Blackwell, Keaton Draper and Landon Simkins, students at SJHS, started learning how to ride unicycles during this past summer. As school got closer, they decided it would be cool if they rode there unicycles to school. Landon Simkins, seventh-grade student, said, “It is something not lots of people know how to do.” With only few months of practice, these guys went for it. It takes them ten to fifteen minutes to get to school. Tanner Gervais, an eighth-grade student at SJHS, said his favorite part about unicycling is the challenge. Unicycling requires a lot of balance and muscle work. According to these guys, the worst part about riding a unicycle to school is falling, but it doesn’t matter because their way to school is fun.

Students aren’t the only ones making their ride to school original. Mr. David Hansen, seventh-grade Utah Studies teacher at SJHS, gets to school like no other teacher does. Mr. Hansen rides his pink motor scooter to the junior high. He travels about 10 miles to school on his scooter. He likes riding it to work for several reasons. His motor scooter gets up to 90 miles per gallon; so he saves money on gas. Second, with the size of the scooter, it is very easy to park. Mr. Hansen said his ride to school is “A thrill a minute.”

Some of Mr. Hansen’s students wonder, “Why the color pink?” Mr. Hansen said that he saved lots of money by buying an older model on clearance. Pink was the only color they had. According to Mr. Hansen, the color was worth it and the flowers were free. Thanks to these students and teachers, they’re making rides to school unique.

Emilee Christensen, SJHS Staff Writer