SJHS Expresses Itself through Reflections

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Ever since 1970, kids of all ages from all across the nation have been getting together to express themselves through a program called “Reflections.” Reflections is an annual program sponsored by the PTA that encourages students’ artistic talents. This year, Springville Junior High is participating in the Reflections program again.

This year, the theme is: “Together We Can…” When a student does Reflections, they create something that has to do with the theme. They can make or create anything in the categories of musical composition, dance, photography, 3-D art, visual arts, film/video, theater and/or literature.  Reflections entries are due Wednesday, October 20th for Springville Junior High.

So many schools in America do Reflections because they want to help the students express themselves, and receive positive recognition for their efforts. Their efforts seem to be working well, because many students at SJHS like this program.  Erika Frischknecht, an eighth grader at the junior high, said, “It’s pretty awesome, because I get to express myself.”  According to Lauren Brinton, another eighth-grade student at SJHS, Reflections is a good opportunity to show people your work and your accomplishments throughout the year.

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Sarah Cheney, SJHS Staff Writer