SJHS Goes Green!

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tudents in the Service Learning class are out to help the planet.  Mrs. Diane Bird, Service Learning teacher, said, “We didn’t really start it. It was more of the community.” The recycling program was started a couple years ago by the city; they helped start the program by putting out giant dumpsters for paper, plastic, and glass.

Springville Junior High started a couple years ago. The journalism class had always taken care of the recycling until this year, this year Service Learning has taken over the responsibility. Each classroom has a recycle box where students throw away their paper.  The service learning class collects the papers each Thursday and takes them outside to the recycling duumpster and then returns the bins to their teachers. “I love doing recycling, it’s fun to just get paper, it nice to help the planet,” said Kristin Rasmussen, an eighth grader at SJHS.

Service Learning students and Mrs. Bird welcome everyone in the community to start recycling. The recycling bins are located at the south end of the building by the first entrance closest to the front.  Springville Junior High requests that you only put paper in the bins.

Shannon Lott, SJHS Staff Writer