SJHS says “Tennis Anyone?"

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Pictured above:  Back row left to right: Sarah Skimmer, Victoria Ireland, Kylee Richmond, Linsday Johnson, Melanie Anderson, Elisa Coral, Kaylee Richmond, Lilly Girrot, Stacy Aragon. Front row left to right: Makinna Sokobuski, Ciara Snapp, Ally Smith, Savannah Bowers, Krystena Robbins.


The Springville Junior High School tennis team is back for a brand new season.  The tennis team has arrived with a new coach and some new and familiar girls. This year’s tennis coach is Mr. Sam Dahl, seventh and eighth-grade science teacher at SJHS.  Coach Dahl is excited about starting the season.  He said, “It is a good opportunity for me to help these girls out in a sport that I love.”  Mr. Dahl used to play tennis in his junior high and high school years.  He switched to racquetball in college, so he is excited to get back into tennis.

The tennis team is made up of eight girls on varsity and eight girls on junior varsity. These selected girls tried out for the team. Tryouts were held at the beginning of September.   Some of the team’s favorite things about tennis are being able to play around with friends and winning. The girls like having Mr. Dahl as a coach because he knows what he’s doing.  According to Elisa Coral, eighth-grade tennis player, the team is on the right track.  “We are practicing hard and thinking positive,” she said.

The team meets Monday through Thursday for practice at the SJHS tennis court. Practice goes from 3:00 to 4:15 after school. The team’s season lasts until the end of October.  They will have the opportunity to compete with several different schools.

The team’s first game was held on Thursday, September 16th. SJHS competed against Payson Junior High. They won overall. They won most of their matches 6-0 or 6-1 and only lost one match. Coach Dahl said, “The girls played hard and their practice helped them come out on top!”

There was another game held on Tuesday, September 21st.  The team continued to win most of their matches. Kylee Richmond, an eighth-grade tennis player said, “It was a very competitive game!” 

Coach Dahl’s favorite thing about coaching so far is the enthusiasm of the girls and how much fun they all have when they play.  The girls' tennis team hopes to do well and have fun this season.

Emilee Christensen, SJHS Staff Writer