SJHS Staff Members Play Card Games During School

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Staff members, playing card games during school. Who would have thought of this? Once in a while Mrs. Johnson, an assistant principal here at SJHS takes cards to teacher’s classrooms. Teachers draw cards; they have played one game so far.

Mrs. Johnson came up with this idea because she wanted away for the teachers and other staff members to talk and get to know each other. This started in January around the first of the month. “The card games are about making the staff feel like a family and to get to know each other,” said Mrs. Johnson.

So far Mrs. Breakwell, an English teacher here at SJHS, won the first game. She won two movie tickets. “It was a lucky win, I don’t know anything about playing cards,” said Mrs. Breakwell.

They will be playing these games until the end of the year. The cards were made special for these games. They have different employee’s faces on them. Other teachers and staff members will have a chance to win other cool prizes.

Kira Craig, SJHS Staff Writer