SJHS Students Show their Talents

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Springville Junior High School is having a Talent Show.  Auditons were held a couple weeks ago, and many students showed up. Now they have chosen a date for the assembly; it will be on the 23rd of November. There will be two assemblies for the students during school to let everyone have a chance to see all the different types of talents that students are best at. Some examples of the talents students will see are a stand up comedian, singing, dancing, and many more different talents.

Marissa Carpenter, a ninth-grade student council member at SJHS, said, “We are doing the talent show to give everybody an opportunity to show their talents and try something new.” According to Ian Lindsey, a ninth-grade student council member at SJHS, it is a good outlet for students to show their talents, in other than their school work.

SJHS hasn’t had a talent show in several years, so this will be the first one in a while. Tyler Condie, a ninth-grade student and participant in the talent show at SJHS, said, “It is a good idea, and the student council is good at putting it together.”

“There are a lot of a talented people,” said Ian. Everyone that tried out this year did a fantastic job; but next year they want even more students to tryout. So show your talents and tryout next year for the talent show. 

Kallie Whitby, SJHS Staff Writer