Springville Junior High School Runs Like the Wind

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Who is in the park behind the Grant Building every day except Friday? Who is running as fast as they can? Who is having as much fun as they can?  Who goes to junior high schools in Nebo School District every Thursday to compete and have fun? Who needs students to join their team so that they can get enough players for a bus?  The Springville Junior High School cross country team, that’s who! 

Every Thursday at 2:30 the SJHS cross country team packs up and goes to a different junior high in Nebo School District to compete. They run against Mapleton Junior High, Payson Junior High, Mount Nebo Junior High, and Diamond Fork Junior High.  Peggy Sorenson, a member of the cross country team, said, “I do cross country because I love to run, and cross country is like magic. Without it, life’s tragic.”

The cross country team meets in the park behind the Grant Building every Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday after school at 2:30 to practice. They stretch, laugh, drill, talk, and of course, run. “The best part about cross country,” said Ms. Carrie Parker, cross country coach, “is being able to run with people who are your same age, improve your running, and feel healthy.”

Even though cross country officially started during the second week of the school year, students still have the chance to join. All students need to do is go to Ms. Parker after school and get a form for their parents to sign.  Students don’t need to try out or be extremely athletic to join the team.  They just have to want to do it.

Claire Hatch, SJHS Staff Writer