Steam Rises in Foods at SJHS

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At Springville Junior High, students are having fun in cooking.  At the beginning of the term students got into small groups. After they are in their groups the whole class gets assigned something to cook. Then while they are in their groups they work together to cook it. According to Mrs. Natalie Luke, foods teacher at SJHS, foods is a really fun and exciting class where students can express themselves as they are cooking.

Whitney Holley, eighth grader at SJHS, said, “My favorite part of cooking class is either making the food or getting to taste it.” She also said, “I am excited to make the Christmas candies next week.”  The students will make the Christmas Foods all next week, and when students come back from Christmas vacation, they will be doing demonstrations.

Mrs. Luke said, “Right now my ninth graders are finishing up a unit on German cuisine with gingerbread cookies. My eighth graders are learning about milk, proteins, and will be making macaroni and cheese and mint chocolate chip ice cream. We will then be cooking Christmas treats all next week.” 

Rachel Standley, SJHS Staff Writer