Students take on Greek Mythology

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Greek mythology has been admired and studied for years, and it is now Springville Junior High’s turn to learn about this topic.  Mrs. Aleta Breakwell, an English teacher at SJHS, is teaching the eighth and ninth graders about mythology.

The class is also learning about some of the main gods and goddesses such as: Cronos, Zeus, Aphrodite, Athena, Hera, Hermes, and many more.

Right now Mrs. Breakwell is reading the Odyssey with the ninth graders and many more stories from the class literature anthology. The students are also making paper dolls of some of the most common gods and goddess. For paper dolls, students got into groups of two or three and traced someone on a big sheet of paper. Then they pulled out a piece of paper randomly, and whatever god or goddess name was on the paper, the students made their paper doll into that god or goddess. After the students finished drawing that god or goddess, they wrote three weaknesses and three strengths. 

According to eighth grader Haley Norman, her favorite part is how the stories about the gods and goddess are put together. Currently they are reading the myth about Daedaulus. 

According to eighth grader Hannah Parker, Athena is her favorite goddess. Hannah also likes how the gods or goddess have a family relationship between each other. 

Sage Petersen, SJHS Staff Writer