Teagan Farrer-Cross Country and Engineering

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One thing that Teagan would tell the future generation is “it’s not that hard.” Looking back on the past year of 2020, he is a very optimistic person. 

    When asked what his favorite part about Springville Junior High is, he answered “friends”. I think we can all agree with him. Outside of school, he does cross country and track and plays video games. His favorite one is Wizard of Legends. He went to Brookside Elementary and his favorite book is Five Kingdoms, which if you didn’t know is a series with, ironically, five books. Teagan’s favorite class is band because “Mr. Booth is the best and music is great.” He plans on going to BYU to get a degree in engineering and then move further on the engineering career path.

    Let’s all try to look to the future with the optimistic attitude that Teagan has and remember that if we do so, “it’s not that hard.”

article was written by: Emma Schmutz , student reporter