There’s a Zoo at School!

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Ooh’s and aah’s came from the auditorium on October 22nd at Springville Junior High. That is where Zoo Mania had begun! Zoo Mania is an educational assembly where students learn about different animal-related careers. Seventh-grade CTE students got to see many different species of animals.

The executive director of Zoo Mania is Mrs. Karen Beverly. She helps students learn about the different occupations related to animals. Mrs. Beverly said, “We show the students the importance of taking education seriously in this stage of their lives.”

CTE, or Career Technology Education, is a class that all seventh graders take. Students learn about homemaking, different careers, and life skills. Some of the careers that students learned about in the Zoo Mania assembly are zoologist, avian biologist, and wildlife photographer. Mrs. Josie Hales, seventh-grade CTE teacher at SJHS said, “All of the students had a great time and learned a lot about the many animal related careers that they could possibly look into.”

Seventh-grade students agreed that the best part of the Zoo Mania assembly was the animals. Zoo Mania brought many different animals. There was a Monitor lizard, Chinchilla, ferret, Green Winged Macaw and many more. There was a gasp from the students when the Great Pyrenees Dog came out. Mrs. Hales said, “We had a lot of fun!”

Not only where there many animals but Mrs. Beverly also talked about doing well in school right now. Mrs. Beverly explained the different things students have to know if they want to work with animals in the future. Students need to know about math and health. She said, “Right now you are making choices for your future.”  

Andalyn Hall, SJHS Staff Writer