Tracking Progress with SIS at Springville Junior High

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Students’ grades can have a huge effect on their lives.  Colleges look at grades when handing out scholarships and accepting applications. Employers look for good grades when reviewing job applications. And, almost all parents give out consequences to their children based on their grades.  That’s one reason why Nebo School District teachers and students want an effective, simple way to track students grades. The method they have chosen is an online computer program called Student Information System.

Student Information System, or SIS, is an online program where teachers can update students' grades so that they are easy to access by the students and their parents. Students are automatically given an account and parents can easily create an account by following the instructions posted on the SIS parent’s site, accessible from the Nebo School District website.  According to Mr. James Anderson, a teacher and parent at the junior high, the SIS program is useful because he can find out what is happening with his children’s grades and see how he can help.

Zachary Droubay, a student in ninth grade at SJHS, said, “When necessary, my parents can see what grades I need to improve and tell me that I need to fix them. SIS is really useful.” The program is even more parent-accessible this year.  This year, a new feature has been added that allows parents to access all of their student’s grades with a single password. Mr. Anderson said, “A few parents have a challenge finding the passwords for their students.” Hopefully, now that the parent access feature has been added, that problem will be solved.  SIS is a great resource for teachers to measure student improvement.

Christopher Taylor, SJHS Staff Writer