Trust Lands Program Helps Education at Springville Junior High

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Trust Lands is a state program that gives schools money to buy new equipment and other supplies that make learning for the students easier.  This year at Springville Junior High the money has been put towards many different things to improve the students’ learning progress.

How it works is money from the government goes into an account, and the only time the money ever comes out is for education. The amount of money given to the school is based on the number of students; if the school has 835 students then it may get $20,000 or more. That money is then spent on calculators, P.E. equipment or new computers. “The money can be also be used to hire personnel that support student services,” said Mr. Ken Van Ausdal, new principal at SJHS. This year we are spending our money on new graphing calculators for Algebra 2 students and new document cameras and LCD projectors for classrooms.

The people who decide where to spend the money is the School Community Council, which is made up of parents, teachers, and the principal.  “The purpose of the council is to build consistent and effective communication in our community, allow parents to be involved in their children's school and education, and to improve our school,”  said Mrs. Elizabeth Bass, seventh-grade English teacher at  Springville Junior High and member of the council.

Shannon Lott, SJHS Staff Writer