What’s it like to be on the tennis team in SJHS and a student?

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Like one of the students in SJHS! Kira Elias!

Kiara Elias is a 13-year old that is on the tennis team. She also loves our school. She really likes the teachers in SJHS and the way the teachers teach students in our school at SJHS. Does she like being a student in SJHS? Kiara: “ I like it” she really likes school in general. In SJHS we have the option to choose some of our interesting fun classes, some sports, and clubs. Kiara is taking some of the normal classes as every student does. But the class she really likes and is taking right now is yearbook class is her favorite at the moment. The sport she's taking right now is tennis and hopefully she wins in all her games because she’s literally amazing! Something she wants other people to know about her is that she has been playing the piano since she was 5 years old! And her favorite activity/ hobby is painting and drawing! 

We are so glad to have an astronomically amazing student Kiara in our school in SJHS this year and in our spectacular tennis team!!


Article written by: Edgar Arguelles, student