What does Chantel see in her future?

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Chantel Furner is one of the many great 9th graders here at Springville Junior High, and we would like to spotlight her greatness by asking her some questions.

While Chantel Furner is in 9th grade right now she is looking forward to her future and it is very important to her. Chantel is ecstatic for high school because she wants to get started with her career as quickly as possible and she knows that high school is the next step. She also can’t wait to work with older students. Speaking of careers, when Chantel is older she really wants to be a physical therapist because “I can help others through injuries like how my physical therapists have helped me.” Chantel looks up to her older sister because she says her sister is very independent and she pursues goals that make her happy and she really values those qualities.

Chantel is a very interesting and sweet person. We are so happy to have her here with us at SJHS! If you haven’t had the opportunity to say hello to her in class or in the hallways, GO AHEAD!


Article written by student: Avery Peterson