The Wonderful Ms. Wirfs

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The start of the school year is expected to bring many new changes. For Mrs. Wirfs, this year brought a big change for her too! She switched schools and is brand new here at Springville Junior. 

Mrs. Wirfs has worked in Nebo School District for 17 years. For the first 7, she worked as a support technician helping with various things like computers and reading, but for the last 10 years, she has been teaching elementary school! Nebo School District is in the process of transitioning 6th graders to be in middles schools, so when the previous school she worked at, Mt. Loafer Elementary, was no longer going to house the 6th-grade class she taught, Mrs. Wirfs made a switch. She felt this was a good time to start teaching secondary school since she had always wanted to give it a try. The good news is that Mrs. Wirfs has been so pleased with her decision and said, “Ms. Miley gave me all the best students in the school.” She is definitely loving her new job as an 8th grade English teacher here at Springville Junior. She loves interacting with students and how every day is different. What made Mrs. Wirfs want to become a teacher to begin with? Her whole family is full of teachers, so she knew wanted to be one too. She also has her cosmetology license, but she chooses to still do both. Teaching is what is most important to her and what she prioritizes. 

“I just love my students and I will always accept them no matter what!” We are so happy to have Ms. Wirfs here at Springville Junior and glad she is loving it too!

Article written by student reporters in the Yearbook Class