Path to Knighthood

To become a knight, a student must pass through the training phases of knighthood and demonstrate competence in each phase.  To complete a training phase, a student must finish two items from each category and two additional items of choice from the menu of categories.  A candidate may become a page at the end of 7th grade, a squire at the end of 8th grade and a knight at the end of 9th grade.  Students that are currently in the 8th and 9th grade will begin the process as if they had completed the earlier phases.

Physical Fitness

  • Become a member of a school/community athletic team
  • Participate in the school’s intramural/intermural programEarn a physical fitness award (advance in karate, participate in local fun runs, personal fitness merit badge etc.)
  • Earn an “A” in your Physical Education Class for the first 2 termsCreate a personalized fitness program approved by an Assistant Principal 


  • Become an Honor Roll Student
  • Increase your GPA by one grade level
  • Earn an “A” in a Foreign Language class for 2 terms
  • Write a one page essay on a topic approved by an assistant principal
  • Get an “A” in Journalism for 2 terms


  • Participate in the school’s Reflections contest
  • Earn an “A” in Art for two terms
  • Earn an “A” in Band for the first 3 terms
  • Earn an “A” in Choir for 2 terms
  • Earn an “A” in Orchestra for the first 3 terms
  • Attend three school dances
  • Earn a part in a play or perform in a school assembly
  • Attend a play,  concert or cultural performance and write a review of the performance 


  • Earn an Eagle Scout Award
  • Earn an award from a church organization
  • Earn a Civic Award
  • Design and complete an approved service project for the school or community
  • Earn an “A” in a Service Learning class for the semester
  • Complete a service project approved by an assistant principal

Valor Award (Instant Knighthood)

  • Leave Springville Junior High as a 4.0 student