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Faculty and Staff


Tiffanie Miley
Shauna Shepherd
Assistant Principal (A-K)
Jentry Youd
Dean of Students (L-Z)

Office Staff

Nan Davis
Finance Secretary
Sharla Erickson
Assistant Attendance Secretary
Heidi Scott
Attendance Secretary


(801) 489-2882 (fax)

Monica Distefano
8th Grade Counselor
Courtney Droz
9th Grade Counselor
Todd Jackson
7th Grade Counselor
Antonieta Yazzie
Counselor (S-Z)
Sue Tarin
Registrar & Counseling Office Secretary

Career and Technical Education

Diane Bird
Clothing, CTE Introduction
Ellary Hendricksen
Agriculture Science 1, Small Animal Science
Natalie Luke
Danny Parker
Exploring Computer Science, CTE Introduction
David Rencher
Exploring Technology, Introduction to Manufacturing, CTE Introduction
Erin Renz
Foods, Digital Literacy


Benton Locke
Head Custodian
Derek Petersen
Evening Custodian


Elizabeth Denis
English 8, Reading, ESL
Christene Edenfield
English 7, English 9, Film Studies
Melanie Jensen
English 7, English 8, Reading, Student Council
Adrienne Ottley
English 7, English 9, Reading, Creative Writing
Tara Piña
English 9, Yearbook
Julie Pullman
English 9, Creative Writing
Megan Wight
English 7
Melanie Wirfs
English 8

Fine Arts

Nichole Addis
Tech Theater, Speech and Debate
Rilee Belnap
Art, Drawing, Sculpture
Rachel Blakely
David Booth
Samantha Gwilliam
Drama, Tech Theater
John Taylor
Rebecca Young

Healthy Lifestyles

Analysa Allison
Lindsey Gerhauser
Matt Hammon
Mike Parker


Amy Burge
Utah Studies, US History
Jaise Pender
Utah Studies, US History
Katie Reese
Geography, World History, Utah Studies
Shawn Rogers
Geography/World History
Julie Smith
US History


Gary Brimhall
Media Center Director


LaRee Allen
Amanda Carter
Rachell Chappel
Lunch Room Manager
Audrey Clements
Laurie Gomez
Michelle Jex
Debbie Messick
Lauri Wiser


Jim Anderson
Secondary Math 1
Monica Bair
Math 7, Math 8, Digital Literacy
Cristy Bird
Math 7, Math 8
Corrin Gleave
Secondary Math I, Secondary Math 2
Marthea Jackson
Math 7, Math 8
Claire Taylor
Math 8
Jessica Weight
Math 7


Sam Dahl
Science 7
Sierra Hotchkiss
Science 7, Biology
Dan Jensen
Science 8, Earth Systems
David Kindrick
Earth Systems
Kelly Paxton
Science 8
Brice Reeves
Science 7, Science 8
Kevin Stuart
Science 7, Science 8

Special Education

Shellie Anderson
Math 7, Secondary Math I
Tekoa Bird
Special Education Technician
Kayli Carter
Special Education
Brindlee Hone
Special Education Technician
Libby Hylton
English 7, English 9
Merissa Jones
English 8, English 9
Ann Jarvis
Special Education Technician
Kristen Morgan
Vonda Mortensen
Special Education Technician
Callie Orton
Special Education Technician
Cheryl Ricks
Special Education Technician
Morgan Peña
Special Education
Jill Strong
Math 8
Marley Tanner
Special Education Technician
Sara-Marie Thredgold
Delitt Wilson
Special Education Technician

Student Support Services

Alecia Cardon
Stacy Duncan
School Nurse
Taylor Frossard
ESL liaison & technician
Marlies Mathews
Social Worker
Susan Orme
Student Success Technician
Kim Story
School Resource Officer
Kelly Thorpe
School Psychologist

World Languages

Glen Beebe
Spanish, Latinos in Action
Ximena Bishop
Spanish Immersion
Chelsea Fisher
Chinese Immersion
Brooke George
Chinese Immersion