School Community Council & Land Trust

The Community Council is an elected body of educators and parents that meet regularly as dictated by state statute. The Community Council has primary responsibility to oversee the expenditure of Land Trust funds and recommend a safe walking route for students.  

Land Trust funds are encumbered and spent based upon an approved plan designed to meet the school’s greatest academic needs. The safe walking route is reviewed on a yearly basis and details a suggested walking route for students to and from school.  

2018-19 Meeting Dates:
Wednesday, September 5
WednesdayOctober 3
WednesdayNovember 7
Wednesday, December 5
WednesdayJanuary 2
WednesdayFebruary 13
WednesdayMarch 6
WednesdayApril 10
Wednesday, May 1
Meetings are held from 3-4 PM on above designated dates in the conference room of the SJHS main office. Meetings are conducted according to Robert's Rules of Order. For more information, see
Agendas and minutes for School Community Council meetings can be found at the bottom of this page.
Parent Members School Members
Angie Daybell


Kristy Strong
Becca Bentley-Mila 


Marye Jane Kiser
Sarah Ferrin
Brandi Duvall
Tausha Lewis
Karen Ellingson
Kaylyn Reed



Christene Edenfield (teacher)
Shauna Shepherd (asst. principal)
Adrienne Ottley (teacher)
Dan Jensen (teacher)
Tara Piña (teacher)
Courtney Droz (counselor)
Kelly Paxton (teacher)

Ryan McGuire (principal)

Kelly Taylor (teacher & facilitator)