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February 2013

Spotlight: Mr. Hansen

Submitted by tiffanie.miley on Thu, 02/28/2013 - 14:53
Tiana Spencer, SJHS Staff Writer
Colton Shelley, Mr. Hansen, Chris Oman, and Amanda Hall.

Who is one of the longest serving teachers at Springville Junior High? Take a guess.

Well, Mr. Hansen! He has been teaching at SJHS for twenty seven years now! He is one of the history teachers here at Springville Junior High.  According to Mr. Hansen, he wants to be able to learn how to be a great teacher to all of his students. 

Mr. Hansen attended Brigham Young University for four years. He has a bachelors degree in speech and communication, a composite major in social science, and a minor in agricultural economics.  He also has his masters degree in learning technology.  Mr. Hansen teaches Utah Studies and Geography / World Civilizations. All of the students that he teaches are seventh and ninth graders. Carter Call, a seventh-grade student in Mr. Hansen’s Utah Studies class, said, “When he teaches, he is really exciting.” According to Mr. Hansen, his favorite thing about teaching at SJHS is to see his students learning.

Some fun facts about Mr. Hansen is that during college he was Western Athletic Conference (WAC) College Wrestling Champion.  He also celebrates his birthday all through the year when Mr. Hatfield’s science class comes in and sings to him.

According to Damion Anderson, a student of Mr. Hansen’s, he has a fun class. Mr. Hansen goes into detail when teaching and makes it fun and interesting. So, if students take this class in the future, they should look forward to having a fun class with a great teacher.

SJHS Welcomes Ms. Gardner

Submitted by tiffanie.miley on Mon, 02/25/2013 - 10:47
Ceci Sumsion, SJHS Staff Writer
Ms. Gardner

Ms. Gardner is a new seventh and eighth grade math teacher here at SJHS. Mrs. Packer, as many students may know, left right before Christmas break, so Ms.Gardner is the new math teacher. Jake Chatfield, an eighth-grade boy, said, “She is way chill with you and understands you.” 

Mr.VanAusdal, principal at SJHS, said, “She is very eager and excited to teach.” Many students already like Ms. Gardner. Kenzie Keane, and eighth grader in Ms. Gardner class, said, “She is awesome!” The teachers also think Ms. Gardner is great. Mrs. Gleave, a math teacher at SJHS, said, “She’s always looking for ways to increase student learning.”

Ms. Gardner is very smart and a nice person. Ms.Gardner also loves apple pie and her favorite hobby is ultimate frisbee. Her favorite animal is her goldfish named Spar, and she likes the color yellow. Here at SJHS we are happy to welcome Ms.Gardner to the teaching staff.

SJHS Gets a New Computer Lab

Submitted by tiffanie.miley on Sun, 02/24/2013 - 22:17
Austen Moon, SJHS Staff Writer
Journalism students working in the new computer lab. Left to right: Emma Whipple, Paige Cook, Erin Caswell, and Megan Skinner.

From its opening in 1957, all the way to 2012, Springville Junior High has had no more than three working computer labs at a time.  This January, that all changed as a fourth lab was added to the three already existing labs at SJHS.  The lab is now set up in room 21, and will travel to the new school in 2014.  According to Mrs. Bass, an English teacher at SJHS, the purchase of this lab will help free up labs for class periods that classes may have had trouble getting to use a lab before.

There are multiple reasons why a decision was made to purchase a brand new lab.  “The simple reason is because we needed it,” said Mr. Van Ausdal, principal at SJHS.  According to Mr. Van Ausdal, money had to be saved up for about a year and a half to buy all of the hardware for the lab, which cost around $20,000.  However, it will end up costing even more, as payments are also needed for software licenses, computer installation, running power to the lab, and so on.  “The new lab will allow more teachers to utilize technology,” said Mrs. Maughan, an English teacher at SJHS.  According to Mr. Dahl, a science teacher at SJHS, science classes take their tests on the computers, and another computer lab will make it much easier to schedule a computer lab.

It is a common question as to who decides when the school will get something like a new computer lab.  Springville Junior High has a group of parents and school personnel that get together to make decisions for the school.  This group is called the School Community Council, or the SCC, and they are in charge of finding the best ways to spend money for the school.  “The function of the SCC is to support student learning, and to manage Land Trust funds to maximize student learning,” said Mr. Van Ausdal.  The SCC spent a lot of time discussing the new computer lab, and its potential benefits.  In the end, it was decided that SJHS was in need of another lab.

Along with the new lab at SJHS comes a responsibility that SJHS students now have: taking care of the lab.  “Student misuse is probably the biggest issue we have where computer labs are concerned,” said Mr. Van Ausdal.  According to Mr. Perkins, the computer specialist at SJHS, the two main problems are students downloading games, and students not turning off the computers.  The average computer lab lasts at least five years, and how the computers are treated can greatly affect that number.  All in all, almost everybody at Springville Junior High seems very positive about the new lab.  “It will help me with my schoolwork,” said Roxie Chambers, a ninth grader at SJHS, “Good computers get work done faster.”

A Baby Boy at SJHS

Submitted by tiffanie.miley on Sun, 02/24/2013 - 22:15
Megan Skinner, SJHS Staff Writer
Kasen Maughan with his older sister.

On Sunday, February 3, a little boy named Kasen Tim Maughan came into this world.  His mom may be someone you have seen around the junior high.  You guessed it, Mrs. Maughan, a dance and an English teacher at SJHS, is now a mom of two.  But while she is home to take care of her new baby, we have a great long-term sub filling in for her at SJHS.  According to Emo Apaui, a ninth grader and a TA for Mrs. Maughan, Ms. Erickson is amazing.  Ms. Erickson will be here until spring break.  You might see her smiling face in the halls.

Students agree that Ms. Erickson is super nice and kind. Kimberlyn Hicken, a ninth grader at SJHS, said, “I love her!  She teaches at the perfect pace, and she makes it fun.”  Mrs. Erickson said, “The classes are going well.”

While school continues at SJHS, Mrs. Maughan and her new baby get to relax a little.  They came home from the hospital on Tuesday, February the fifth. Kasen Maughan was a week early.  He weighed six pounds fifteen ounces and was 18 inches long.  Mrs. Maughan said, “We're both doing great.”  Lots of students are very happy for Mrs. Maughan.  Kimberlyn Hicken said, “Little kids change lives.”  Kimberlyn Hicken also said that he’s a real cutie.  If you want to see some more pictures of Kasen, there are some pictures on the whiteboard in Mrs. Maughan’s room.

Teaching may not for everyone, but Ms. Erickson said, “I enjoy substitute teaching, so I was excited to have a long-term job.”  Ms. Erickson and Mrs. Maughan are two different people but they both share a strong desire for student education.

We hope Mrs. Maughan enjoys her little baby, and we can't wait to see her again.

Valegrams for Valentine’s Day!

Submitted by tiffanie.miley on Sun, 02/24/2013 - 22:01
Paige Cook, SJHS Staff Writer
Service Learning students Hayden Norman and Kyle Paynter selling Valegrams during lunch at SJHS.

This Valentine’s Day at Springville Junior High School, the Service Learning class is arranging small gifts called Valegrams.  According to Emily Bird, an eighth grader in Service Learning, their class is selling Valegrams for kids who want to get something for their friends.  Jillian Boyer, an eighth grader at SJHS, purchased some Valegrams for her friends “to show my friends that I truly love them.”  According to Jillian, people can express their feelings, without telling them face to face.  

The students in Service Learning made posters and put them up all around the school to notify students about the Valegrams.  The posters explained what was in the Valegrams: a carnation flower, for one dollar, and a candy bag, for fifty cents.  According to Emily Bird, students could give the Valegrams to just about anybody in the school.

Mrs. Murray, the teacher for Service learning, said, “The earnings are used for our Service-Learning class to buy supplies for our projects that we do to help the school and community.”  The class does service projects year round that students seem to enjoy.

SJHS Predicts the Super Bowl

Submitted by tiffanie.miley on Sun, 02/24/2013 - 21:52
Austen Moon, SJHS Staff Writer

Football is one of the most popular sports in America.  All who watch have their own opinions, whether that be who the best team is, who has the best defense, or even who is the best player.  But if there is one thing that NFL football fans love to discuss more than all of these topics, it is the Super Bowl.  Even experts can have a tough time predicting the outcomes of the playoff games, which are played early in the year each year.  But you don’t have to be an “expert” to predict football games.  Some students, and even some teachers at Springville Junior High, love to try and figure out who will win which games.  All predictions listed in this article were made before the first game of the 2013 NFL Playoffs.  So which teams did SJHS teachers think had what it took to win the Super Bowl?

Twelve teams earned the right to head to the playoffs: the Denver Broncos, New England Patriots, Houston Texans, Baltimore Ravens, Indianapolis Colts, and the Cincinnati Bengals from the AFC, and the Atlanta Falcons, San Francisco 49ers, Green Bay Packers, Washington Redskins, Seattle Seahawks, and the Minnesota Vikings from the NFC.  According to Mr. Kindrick, a science teacher at SJHS, the Broncos and the Seahawks were his picks to go to the Super Bowl. 

The playoffs can be extremely tough to predict, especially because every team is capable of winning each of their games.  “It’s so hard to tell who will win the Super Bowl; the teams are so even,” said Mr. Shields, a history teacher at SJHS.  Mr. Shields predicted the Broncos to face the Falcons in the Super Bowl, and, like Mr. Kindrick, had the Broncos coming out on top.  However, according to Mr. Shields, there were many teams he felt had a chance.  Green Bay, Atlanta, and Seattle are all teams Mr. Shields felt could have also won the Super Bowl.  And, despite the fact that both Mr. Shields and Kindrick were incorrect as far as who made the Super Bowl, both correctly predicted all four wild-card games.  Mr. Shields also correctly predicted three out of four of the divisional games, discluding the double-overtime win the Ravens had against the Broncos.  Mr. Kindrick was also incorrect on the Broncos-Ravens game, and also mispredicted the Falcons-Seahawks game, in which a tremendous comeback by the Seahawks was squandered by a last-second field goal by Matt Bryant, kicker for the Falcons.  Still, both teachers were very accurate on most games.

Going into the playoffs, the Baltimore Ravens were not a favorite to make the Super Bowl.  In fact, after beating the Indianapolis Colts in the wild card round, few people thought that the Ravens would be able to stop Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos.  However, the Ravens were somehow able to pull off a 38-35, double-overtime win to advance to the AFC Championship.  From there, Baltimore was able to hold off New England for a 28-13 win to put them in the Super Bowl against the San Francisco 49ers.  After an amazing playoffs effort, the Ravens won Super Bowl XLVII by a score of 34 to 31.  According to Hannah Grosland, a Baltimore Ravens fan and ninth grader at SJHS, she believes the Ravens were able to win the Super Bowl because of their solid offense and defense.  And, even though the 2012-2013 season has just ended, it is no doubt that NFL fans are already looking forward to next season.

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Article

Submitted by tiffanie.miley on Sun, 02/24/2013 - 21:40
Abi Maccabee, SJHS Staff Writer

Far away over the Grey Havens, and across Rohans’ realm, and into The Shire, there lived a hobbit. Now this particular hobbit lived in a hole. Not a hole that was dirty or dark, but a hole rather to the liking of himself and to others. For this hole was a hobbit hole and hobbit holes are full of comfort, warmth, and food. Now the hobbit that lived in this hole was  Bilbo Baggins. Many students have heard of The Hobbit, and many have read the famous fiction book by J. R. R.  Tolkien and have enjoyed it immensely, and now, this book has been made into a movie. Peter Jackson, the director of the Lord of the Rings trilogy, took up the job to film and direct the Hobbit. This particular movie was made to be made into three parts. The first part came out on December 14, 2012. Many SJHS students did go to see it, and they loved it.

Before the movie came out students were very excited for it. Tessa Larsen, an eighth grader at SJHS, said, “I was so excited for it to come out in the movies, I thought I was going to die.” Now not all students thought they were going die of excitement, but according to Brady Dolan, another eighth grader at SJHS, he has read The Hobbit and saw all Lord of the Rings movies, and he was very excited for The Hobbit to come out.

When The Hobbit did come out, many did go to see it. Alyvia Woolsey, an eighth grader at SJHS who saw the movie, said, “I loved it with passion.” Many students did enjoy The Hobbit, and according to Emily Mason, another eighth grader at SJHS, she thinks that Kili, a character in The Hobbit, is attractive. She also said, “I have a secret crush on Bilbo Baggins.”

According to Tessa Larsen, it was difficult for her to choose a favorite part, but she would pick when Bilbo meets Gollum/Smeagol in his cave. According to Emily Mason and Alyvia Woolsey, they also loved that part. According to Abbi Morris, another eighth grader at SJHS, it would be impossible for her to choose a favorite between The Hobbit or Lord of the Rings because she loves them both.

Far over the misty mountains cold, Bilbo Baggins will go and have an adventure he never imagined he would have. Even though the first part of the movie is close to three hours long, they are still two more parts to come out for Bilbo to finish his adventure.

SJHS Job Shadow Day

Submitted by tiffanie.miley on Sun, 02/24/2013 - 21:32
Laura Uribe, SJHS Staff Writer

There is one day in the school year when seventh grade students at Springville junior high get to participate in job shadow day.  Job shadow is a day where all seventh grade students get the opportunity to miss school and go explore the job of an adult.  This event was on Friday February 1, 2013. The students actually got to choose what job they wanted to go explore, which makes things a lot better for their learning experience.

Some seventh-grade students said that some of the jobs looked really hard, and some jobs on the other hand looked really easy. Mr. Rencher, a CTE teacher at SJHS, said, “I think this is great learning experience. It definitely teaches them how hard a typical job is.”  According to Mr. Rencher, this learning experience teaches students the importance of having a job.  He also said, “I think we should continue doing this, it’s a great learning experience. There’s really no other experience like this.” Most kids really like to go to explore the job of being a teacher. 

Anarely Oliva, a seventh grader, said, “The third grade students were really hard to take care of they don’t seem to listen very much about what they were told to do. It’s not easy being a third grade teacher. It requires a lot of patience.” Some of the kids at SJHS had a hard day at work, but some of the students did really enjoyed it, and would like to repeat the process all over again.

This day gives students an opportunity to start thinking about what they want to do as they think about their future. One of the reasons why the CTE teachers do job shadow day is because it’s a wonderful learning experience. Our teachers and students think that this is not only fun for the students, but that it is also a very good day to teach kids about things that they probably didn’t know about before job shadow day. It also gives students knowledge about  jobs that they probably didn’t even know about. Most of the students at SJHS enjoyed job shadow day, and would like to do it again.

Gettin’ Groovy with Mrs. Gleave

Submitted by tiffanie.miley on Sun, 02/24/2013 - 21:29
Maryn Giles, SJHS Staff Writer
Mrs. Gleave

What is Mrs. Gleave like? What subject does she teach? What does she like to do? Most of the students think that teachers don’t do anything or don’t have a life besides teaching. Well those students are wrong! Mrs. Gleave has a very neat personality. “I think what makes Mrs. Gleave a very good math teacher is that if someone has a question she will answer it and explain it fully,” said Ben Stewart, a ninth grader, at SJHS. 

Mrs. Gleave said, “I had an really old math teacher and I swear we had the same assignment every day. And I always thought there has to be a more interesting way to teach this. So I decided that I wanted to make it a lot more fun for the students.” Students said many things about Mrs. Gleave, for instance: She’s way funny, fun to be around, she is nice, she has a good sense of humor, and if you are having a bad day she can cheer you up in a second. “One thing that I really like is that if we have a day that we can do assignments, once we get the assignment done we can chat with our friends,”said Brienna Bernardi, a ninth grader at SJHS. 

Mr. Mikesell, the dean of students at SJHS, said, “Mrs. Gleave teaches things in ways that students can easily relate to.  She makes it real for them.” There are a lot of students who love the way she teaches. Ben Stewart said, “When something doesn’t make sense all you have to do is raise your hand and she will explain it fully to the whole class again.”  Ms. Hamilton, a teacher at SJHS, said, “She is very organized! I have learned a lot from her.” A lot of students think that Mrs. Gleave is really cool, so try and get to know her, it won’t be a mistake.

Mr. Shields’s Class Gets Riled up Over Super Bowl

Submitted by tiffanie.miley on Sun, 02/24/2013 - 21:19
Erin Caswell, SJHS Staff Writer
Mr. Shields’s third period class.

On Friday, February 1,  Mr. Shields’s Springville Junior High eighth-grade history classes voted on who would win the Super Bowl. Mr. Shields said, “It is a good way to show students how the Electoral College works. It is a fun way to teach with participation. The voting gets quite intense and brings an element of fun to learning about the voting system.” 

In order to vote, Mr. Shields uses the Electoral College. The Electoral College is a system in which each state gets a certain amount of votes. The number of electoral votes a state gets is determined by their two senators plus however many people the state has in the House of Representatives. For example Utah has six votes, two in the Senate and four in the House of Representatives.  Whichever candidate gets the most votes out of the state’s population wins all the votes for the state. Bennett Hullinger, an eighth grader at SJHS,said, “If the candidate wins a portion of the state, like two thirds of the state they should get two thirds of the votes not all of them, but it is a pretty good system.”  Mr. Shields said, “For the most part, the Electoral College is effective. I can see why the little states would be upset though, because they have less effect on the total number of votes.”

Mr. Shields’s classes didn’t vote quite the same way as the normal Electoral College. Seth Mortensen, an eighth grader, said, “You picked a state card and you got that state’s votes. Then we put it in the computer onto a map. It was like voting for the president.”  This system is a good way to keep it fair so the first kids didn’t get all the biggest states. 

According to Mr. Shields, the 49ers won the electoral and popular vote, and it is ironic because they won by three votes in the popular vote, but lost by three points in the real game. Bennett Hullinger, said, “I’m not a huge fan of either team, but I don’t really like the 49ers, so I was happy the Ravens won.”  Some people were happy about the outcome of the game, but others were not so happy. According to Seth Mortensen, he was disappointed  the 49ers didn’t win. Meanwhile, Mr. Shields said, “I wanted the Ravens to win. I wanted them to win before the game started, I didn’t pick them after like some people do!”

The voting was very successful. Katelynn Vaughn, an eighth-grade girl, said, “The voting was fun, even though I don’t really like football. I would vote again only over something more fun like: Justin Bieber v.s. Zac Efron, who is hotter?”  Mr. Shields said, “The students caught on well to how the system works. It sparked interest and got great participation.”


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