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December 2015

Nebo Coding Camp

Submitted by shauna.shepherd on Thu, 12/17/2015 - 15:06

Are you interested in learning how apps or electronic games work?  Or how websites or software programs operate? Are you interested in online computer coding?  If you are interested in learning the language of computers, Nebo District is offering coding camps beginning in January at different schools around the district.  These are after-school classes for students in grades 4-9 in various locations throughout the district.  Please click on the link for further information or to register for coding camps. 


Salem Witch Trials

Submitted by jennifer.dunn on Thu, 12/03/2015 - 15:48
Andrew Messenger; SJHS Staff Writer
Students in Mrs. Porter's US History class participate in a mock Salem Witch Trial

There is always something crazy going on around the school. Just recently Mrs. Porter, a history teacher, had a Salem witch trial simulation with her US History classes. 

According to Mrs. Porter, she has always been fascinated by the witch trials, and she noticed that the students are also. Mrs. Porter said, “I thought that a simulation would be the best way for them to remember not only the facts about Salem,  but also think deeper as to how this affected people.” According to Mrs. Porter, she got the idea when she visited Salem, Massachusetts, and one of the activities was you could participate in a trial, and she thought she could use it in her classroom. Mrs. Porter, said, “They loved shouting, ‘You are a witch’ and ‘Execute her’.”

According to Emma Rich, an eighth grade student in Mrs. Porter’s class, her favorite part of the simulation was being tried as a witch and making up excuses. According to Emma, she learned that it was a real thing, and it was really crazy.

According to Ethan Owens, an eighth grade student in Mrs. Porter’s class, the simulation was interesting because of the people getting accused and people making their claims. Ethan said, “I learned that the judges were unfair to the accused.” According to Ethan his favorite part was “making my claim that I was innocent.”

Spotlight: Mr. Hansen

Submitted by jennifer.dunn on Thu, 12/03/2015 - 15:47
Cole Gierisch; SJHS Staff Writer

Mr. Hansen is a history teacher here at SJHS. According to Mr. Hansen, he has been teaching here for 29 years, and he went to school at BYU. He studied agriculture economics and communication, and he got a master’s degree.

He chose to teach history because it is cool to study and understand concepts and ideas about society, according to Mr. Hansen. Mr. Hansen gets along with kids, according to Crew Gandolph, a ninth grade student in Mr. Hansen’s class. “He’s really interactive,” said Crew.

“He’s funny and laughs with the class,” said Tyler Maccabee, a ninth grade student at SJHS.

“I love it when someone accomplishes something and you can see them grow and develop when they didn’t think they could,” said Mr. Hansen

According to Mr. Hansen, he enjoys studying genealogy, teaching, and family history. He has five kids.

Small Animal Science Finds Their Animal

Submitted by jennifer.dunn on Thu, 12/03/2015 - 15:45
Jenessa Crystal; SJHS Staff Writer
Students in the Small Animal Science class at the Hogle Zoo

On October 7, the Small Animal Science class took a field trip to the Hogle Zoo.  They had to find the animals they were studying in class.  

According to Grace Brand, an eighth grader in the class, they had to find the animal’s habitat, eating habits, and whether or not they live in a pack.  Some of the animals that the students did were the Texas Tortoise, the Grey Wolf, the Harbor Seal, and the Golden Lion Temeranian.  

Small Animal Science has learned about dogs, large cats, and now horses, according to Aspen Stewart, an eighth grader who went on the trip.  According to Dianna Munoz, an eighth grader, the class learns how to take care of animals and how they are useful.  According to Grace Brand, they bring live animals into the classroom.  They have seen a dog and a student's pigeons.  Emma Gibb, an eighth grader, said, “We have a couple of class pets. There is one on every table… There is a turtle, a fish, and two hamsters.”  According to Leah Davis, an eighth grader, her favorite part of the class was the big cat research, where they learned about lions and tigers.

According to Leah Davis, Mrs. Thomas is really chill and funny.  Dianna Munoz said, “She's really good at explaining.” According Aspen Stewart, she controls the class, and does not talk forever. According to Mr. Rowley, the assistant principal, she is enthusiastic about her students and her subject.  

According to Emma Gibb, you should join Small Animal Science if you like working with animals.  “You should take this class if you want to be a vet or a marine,” said Grace Brand. 

Mr. Rowley said, “It is a fun class that falls close to many student’s interests.”

Student Council is Here to Help!

Submitted by jennifer.dunn on Thu, 12/03/2015 - 15:44
Kinzie Lewis; SJHS Staff Writer
Members of the SJHS Student Council during Red Ribbon Week (not pictured: Jackie Durfey)

Here at Springville Junior High, we have a new 2015 student council! Student council is a student government that helps around SJHS and helps kids learn to be an ally! The student council does assemblies, Red Ribbon week, and many other things around the school.

To be in student council you have to make posters and be voted in. Kaitlyn Gee, a ninth grader on student council, said, “Getting in student council was a lot of work. All in all though it wasn’t too hard.”  

According to Shane Stapel, another ninth grader on student council, if you do not know how to make posters or speak in front of a group, then you are not in luck because you have to be able to do those. Kosner Lewis, another ninth grader on student council, said, “It was hard getting into student council because there are a lot of students running that wanted to be in student council.” 

According to Kaitlyn, student council teaches you to be more independent, productive, and take the lead. According to Kosner, it teaches you to include everyone and everyone's thoughts and ideas. Shane said, “It teaches you to respect people, be a hero, be a better person and be nicer. It is a great experience.” 

 According to Kaitlyn, she likes student council because all the people in it are so nice, and you mostly plan stuff like dances. They have meetings every Monday and Thursday at Quest Time. Shane added you get to plan fundraisers and Red Ribbon week. Kosner said, “I like student council because you get to be in assemblies and school activities.”

From Springville to St.George, Shakespeare is fun!

Submitted by jennifer.dunn on Thu, 12/03/2015 - 15:42
Anna Birch; SJHS Staff Writer

This is the fifth year that Ms. Clement, the SJHS drama teacher, has taken the Shakespeare Team to St. George for the Shakespeare Competition. On October 1st and 2nd the team watched a lot of Shakespearean scenes, were trained by professionals in workshops, and competed in group and solo competitions. 

This was the thirty-ninth annual Shakespeare Competition. It gives junior high and high school students from around the nation the chance to present material from Shakespearean times, in various artistic forms. The work is presented by professionals in their field, who offer various workshops for the students to go and learn and work on various acting skills. 

Ms. Clement has been going to the competition for 12 years. She started going when she was in junior high and continued throughout adulthood. Ms. Clement said, “The students ranked very well in all aspects of the competition.” According to Ms. Clement, parents were allowed to come, and a lot of them did. They had great support from the parents. 

According to Julie Brown, an eighth grader on the Shakespeare Team, everyone stayed at a hotel but her, she stayed at her grandma's house with her mom. Rebecca Walton, an eighth grader, thinks that everybody should try to get onto the team so they can go to the competition to meet new people and have fun. Tyler Glacier, a ninth grader, said, “SInce we had a crappy bus, I was sacrificed to get a better one.” Haylee Carpenter, a member of the team, said, “It was fun because we got to travel with all of our friends and we had a great teacher that came with us.” According to Haylee she would do it again.

Choir Concerto

Submitted by jennifer.dunn on Thu, 12/03/2015 - 15:41
Jakob DeLlamas; SJHS Staff Writer

Here at SJHS, we support many talents such as sports, and academic prowess.  Yet some of our favorites are singers, and they got a chance to showcase their skills in a concert on Wednesday, October 21.  In the first semester, the groupings of singers are Apprentice, who are seventh grade girls; Knightingales, who are eighth and ninth grade girls; and Master Singers, who are eighth and ninth grade boys and girls.  According to Mrs. Utrera, the choir teacher here at SJHS, students get nervous before these concerts, yet the payoff of having a full house applaud is great.

According Max Davis, a Master Singer, he was nervous, and excited before getting on stage, but they had fun when he got singing.  According Jade Poulson, an eighth grader watching the concert, the kids singing were very serious but had a lot of fun. The concert had a wide variety of songs, including a medley from The Sound of Music, and a lot of traditional songs.

The people performing prepared an entire term for this, and look forward to another term with Mrs. Utrera.  They will now be preparing for another concert on December 17th. Like Max Davis says, “I would love to do it again.”

Field Trip for Art Class Couldn’t Be More Fun

Submitted by jennifer.dunn on Thu, 12/03/2015 - 15:38
Bethany Stewart; SJHS Staff Writer
Students look at art exhibits at the Springville Art Museum

On October 6th, the Drawing class took a field trip for art.  They went to the Springville Museum of Art.  According to Mrs. Wallace, an art teacher at SJHS, they were gone for two hours.  She also wanted to make it a priority to go on these field trips for her advanced classes. 

Mrs. Wallace said, “The exhibits change every month so each time you go there is a new experience.  Museum trips help students to reflect and discover messages through visual language.”  According to Mrs. Wallace, each student got to choose one piece of art to study and write about.  According to Sabrina Scott, a eighth grader in the drawing class, her favorite piece of art was called Buddha in a Beehive.  She really enjoyed studying it, and thought it was really funny.  

Ryann Brockbank, an eighth grader in the drawing class, said, “It was fun to see everyone’s different styles of art.”  According to Ryann Brockbank, she went because it is fun to go and look at the fun art.  

Nathan Langton, an eighth grader in the art class, said, “I went to look at different art things and get some inspiration from it.”  According to Nathan Langton, they got to look at art in different ways, and it was really fun.

Mrs. Wallace said, “We also look forward to seeing the high school Show State Competition in the spring, to see what all the best of the best are doing and prepare my students to enter [the competition] when they go to high school.”

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