5,4,3,2,1 Happy New Year!

Article written by: Brooke Constantine

It's the new year and the students at Springville Junior High are making New Year’s resolutions and trying to be a better person in the new year.  Resolutions vary from working out every day, doing service every day, or just being a better person in general.

What do New Year's resolutions mean to you as a person?  Hannah Barker an 8th grader said, “New Year’s resolutions are important goals that you make at the beginning of the year.” New Year resolutions are important you strive to do that goal throughout the whole year.  Spencer Park an 8th grader said, “Resolutions are changing for better and learning from the past.” If you didn't succeed your last resolution you can learn and try again to succeed. Adaliz Perez a 7th grader said, “New Year’s resolutions are bettering yourself and trying to succeed.”  Remick Whiting a 9th grader said, “Making goals to be better for the new year.” Barry Udall and Bryson Fulmer 8th graders both said “New Year’s resolutions are goals you try to do too be a better person.” We all have our goals for the new year and if we succeed in them or not it makes us a better person.  It's the new year, new beginnings, we have choices and chances to make us a better person.