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6th Graders Watch “Thoroughly Modern Millie”

Submitted by tiffanie.miley on Thu, 01/10/2013 - 08:39
Allison Clisbee, SJHS Staff Writer

Students and teachers at Springville Junior High had the opportunity to watch our school’s amazing play, “Thoroughly Modern Millie.”  But some students from other schools got the chance to see it as well.

On October 30th, sixth graders from Brookside, Art City, Sage Creek, Westside, and Cherry Creek Elementary Schools came to our school on a field trip.  Sixth graders over the years have loved to come and see the play at SJHS.  According to Mrs. Walker, a teacher at SJHS, the play was a big success.

The sixth graders really enjoyed watching the play this year.  Mrs. Larsen, a sixth-grade teacher at Art City Elementary, said, “They were entertained the entire time.”  Mrs. Walker commented, “They were very attentive throughout the play, and they laughed and giggled during the kissing parts.”  THe sixth graders at Art City really like coming to our school, especially since they have older siblings her at SJHS.

Mrs. Walker enjoys when the sixth-grade students come to watch the play.  She and several others have been a big part in making this play a success.  Thank you to everyone who put their best efforts into the play, and to all those sixth graders who came.