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9th Grade World Geography Learn African Style Drumming

Submitted by tara.pina on Fri, 05/11/2018 - 10:51
Article by Katie Reese

The Utah Core Curriculum for 9th grade World Geography states, “Culture is the total sum of human expression.” In order to best help the students experience ways that cultures maintain their identities and traditions through their music, Ms. Reese and Mr. McKell explained, "we wanted to give their students the opportunity to learn how to play African drums." 

Jeff Ballard, a recently retired Nebo School District teacher spent two days at Springville Junior teaching Ms. Reese’s and Mr. McKell’s students African style drumming. Mr. Ballard has been playing the African drums for over 20 years and has accumulated many drums and other musical instruments from around the world.  He brought a drum for each of the students to use as he taught them the different rhythms and techniques of African drumming.  He also brought his daughter Hannah to help instruct and layer the various rhythms together that they were teaching the students. Students had a lot of fun and Hekela Mavae said, "it was cool to get to do something hands-on and different for class." 

Thank you, Mr. Ballard and Hannah, for volunteering your time and spending 2 days at our school to teach our 9th graders!!