All you need to know about Brian Cervantes

Article by Azhdon Vest - SJHS Student Staff Writer

Brian Cervantes is 14 years old and was born on February 20th, 2003. He is currently in 8th grade. Brian is a very nice person liked by many, but he considers himself not known by many around the school. If you don’t hear Brian very often, it's probably because he is not very talkative and can be shy at some times.

His favorite animal is a dog, and he also has had a dog as a pet for 8 months. His dog's name is Nicky and is a chihuahua. Some fun things about Brian is that he likes the snow, likes to longboard, and his favorite season in summer. His favorite classes are math because he likes to solve problems, foods because he likes to cook, and health because the teacher is one of his favorites.

Brian Cervantes is a very nice person with many different traits. I would highly recommend meeting him and talking to him because he is a very good friend towards everyone and is a good person to talk to about anything.