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Article: Term 3 No Tardy Party

Submitted by tara.pina on Tue, 05/08/2018 - 14:15
Article by: Jake Follette, Cody Creighton, Gavin Jones - SJHS Student Staff Writer

The no tardy parties is a tradition here at our school. (A party for those who get no tardies.) SJHS held their third term no tardy party on April 23rd. The activity they chose to take kids on was the CLAS ropes course. As the title implies the requirements to attend the no tardy party is to have no tardies or absences for the term.  Kayla Jackson, one of the students who went, said that earning her invitation was easy, her advice, “Just go to class.” Kaden Paxton says to take his advice and just be aware of the time. For all their effort the majority of people enjoyed attending.

In Kayla’s opinion it was the best no tardy party so far. Kaden agreed, saying the activities were “really fun.” Many students said the school made a great choice choosing the ropes course and it pulled a lot of kids in and made them want to go. “The only problem was that the lines were too long, other than that it was great.” mentioned Kaden.

In conclusion, keeping a perfect record is well worth it.