Benefits of Social Media

Rainy Hickman SJHS Student Staff Writer


Social media is big in one’s daily life. Even though you might argue, saying that social media is a bad thing, and nobody should you use it, there are a lot of benefits from it. Like information gain, self-esteem boosts, etc. There are some negative things about it. Cyber bullying, it consumes a lot of ones day, etc.

CNN states that one in five teens says social media makes them feel more confident. “Eileen Masio, a mom of two in New York, monitors her daughter Amelia’s Instagram 24/7. Yes, most of her posts are ‘selfies,’ but it’s the comments that make her think there is also a positive to this nonstop engagement.”

Social media also helps with information gain, whether it be with politics, science, breaking news, and even celebrities. If a big natural disaster were to happen, the fastest way to spread news about it, the word on it, is with social media. And the most popular way to hear about politics is through social media, mainly on Twitter.

Social media also helps you stay in touch with friends from long distances. It also helps with keeping a good relationship with your friends. And meeting new people online has been more current.

Even though people spend a lot of time on social media, there are a lot of benefits to it. So if you think that social media’s bad, maybe you should reconsider that.