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The Christmas Dance, love it or hate it

Submitted by tara.pina on Thu, 12/27/2018 - 11:52
Article written by: Libby Hodson

Some students say that the dances have become a little boring. When asking the students what they thought, there were lots of different opinions.

When asking Lauren Mesinar what she thought about the dance she said “Yes I think they are fun to go to.” Lauren said that her favorite part about the dances is being able to talk to all of her friends.

“ I also like to dress up when it’s like ugly sweaters, or formal.” Lauren replied.                                                                   

  Josh Mcallson said that he likes to go to the dances, they are fun and really exciting to go to.

“ My favorite part about the dance is how lit they get” he responded to when asked what his favorite part of the dances were. Josh says that he likes to dress up for the dances and go all out.

   Lastly when asking Abby Ruff what she thought of the dances she replied with “ I think they are ok, they can be fun sometimes, but sometimes not so much.” Abby says that her favorite thing about the dances are being able to hang out with friends.

So most people like the dance, but there are some people who think that they are just boring. What do you think about the dances?