The Dating Scene

Article by Jenny Wallentine - SJHS Student Staff Writer


Here at Springville Junior High dating is something many kids take a part in, even though people “date” they have told that they actually don’t date and it’s more of a status kind of thing. However, many students are also against dating.

Every single person who was asked about dating said that they were aware of everyone dating. Kinzie Lewis, a 9th grader at our school says that even though she is in a relationship she thinks that dating is kind of stupid because we are so young and can’t even do anything like go on dates which is what dating is for. And Penina Strong said “ I think that everyones to young to be dating, it just creates drama and is annoying, but that’s just my opinion people are free to do whatever you want.” So people seem to have mixed feelings towards dating so young.

Students were also asked what they notice about people dating, Cam Monson and Brevin Park say that dating is something very cute but that we should wait until we are older and more mature so it won’t cause so much drama.  Other people are very much “pro dating” Tucker Kelsey said “I like dating, it’s fun and helps get us prepared for marriage. As long as people aren’t showing too much affection in the hallways.”

Dating is a great experience, that’s something everyone was able to agree on but the question is when would be an appropriate age, what do you think?