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Dr.Tsugawa Leaving SJHS?!

Submitted by jennifer.dunn on Mon, 04/25/2016 - 11:47
Kimberly Bortolon; SJHS Staff Writer
Dr. Tsugawa, the SJHS orchestra teacher

This year we have so many teachers leaving, and it is super depressing. First it was Mr. McKell, and now Ms. Dunn is going to switch to a different school! What is happening to all our amazing teachers? Dr. Tsugawa, Springville’s orchestra teacher, is leaving SJHS to go teach at BYU. He is leaving when school ends, so he will not be teaching here next year. Dr. Tsugawa is leaving because it is basically a promotion. He will still be teaching though; he will be teaching the college students how to be an orchestra teacher.

One of Dr. Tsugawa’s students, Rosy Stoddard, said that she will miss Dr.Tsugawa singing and his funny puns. “I really wish that Dr. T taught us rock music, because if someone wanted something classic I could play them a song on the bass but what if they wanted some rock? Classic and Rock can both be played on the bass if you think about it,” Rosy said. According to Rosy, she thinks that everyone will miss him.

Tyler Shurtliff, Dr. Tsugawa’s student, said overall he will miss orchestra in general because it would not be the same, just walking in and Dr. Tsugawa not being there would be just weird.. According to Tyler, he wants the new orchestra teacher to be fun and like Dr. Tsugawa because Dr. Tsugawa taught in a good way.

Emma Rich, an eighth grade cellist, said she will miss Dr. Tsugawa’s “stupid but funny jokes” and the fun learning experience. Emma thinks he will miss it here at SJHS, “He taught here for such a long time, but Dr.T will have a good experience at BYU,” said Emma. Emma said he is a good teacher that made field trips fun and enjoyable.

Julie Brown, one of Dr. Tsugawa’s eighth grade students, said he is amazing at what he does and he had very funny jokes. “Dr. Tsugawa knew what he was doing and did a good job at it. He really was good at teaching junior high students. He connected with us,” Julie said. According to Julie, if it was not for Dr. Tsugawa she would not even know how to play the cello; he taught her almost everything she knows about the cello.

Anna Birch, a violinist, said she loves Dr. Tsugawa’s “sarcastic jokes” and how he made playing in orchestra fun. She also said she hopes Dr. Tsugawa will come back and teach at SJHS again because anyone who has him in the future will love him, and he will make junior high orchestra fun again. “Some things I learned from Dr. Tsugawa were to always be respectful, and to go beyond your abilities because our musical abilities are great,” Anna said. 

Mary Balderama and Katelyn Hollister, both eighth grade violinists, said they both will miss his cheesy jokes and his teaching in general. “I’m pretty sure both of us can agree one of our best memories with Dr. Tsugawa was our field trips. Our first field trip in seventh grade with him was fun and very enjoyable and our last field trip (the eighth grade orchestra festival) was so much fun, especially being on the bus and eating lunch with him,” Katelyn and Mary said.

So overall, Dr. Tsugawa will be missed by a ton of students, and we will hopefully see him soon. He is an amazing teacher who is great at what he does.