Farewell, Dr. Rockwood!

Article written by student: Carter Turley

Mr. Rockwood has been working here at SJHS for 2 years as the Dean of Students. “The Dean of Students is like a Vice - Vice Principal”, says Dr. Rockwood, who has a Bachelor Science Degree in Psychology, Master’s Degree in Educational Psychology, and Doctorate in Educational Leadership and Policy. “...and so I’m getting a promotion to Assistant Principal at Payson.” He gave me some of his favorite things, like his favorite colors are Blue and Green, and his favorite things about each grade. Dr. Rockwood said,” My favorite thing about 7th graders are that they’re eager to start a new thing and school, but that they’re also nervous. 8th graders are in this time of comfort zone, because they know the school, and they’re not worried about High school yet, and they know how the school works. And 9th graders are just ready to start High School, they’re ready and excited, and they think it’s going to be pretty fun.” I asked him who he looked up to and who he wants to be like, Dr. Rockwood responded,” Well, I’m 5’9, so I look up to everyone, or just most faculty and some students. But I want to be like Mr. Boothe, he makes so much of a difference to people and students. He teaches amazing, and he makes students feel empowered in and out of the classroom.” And this is how amazing Mr. Rockwood is.

         We loved Dr. Rockwood helping students here and giving them great feelings and making them feel welcome. And so, Dr. Rockwood gave me some departing words of wisdom. He said,” I have loved teaching here at SJHS, and it’s been great. The faculty and students have taught me so many things, and I’m leaving a better person from before I started here. So, I will leave you this thought. If you remember these 3 lessons of virtue, which are to be courageous in being kind, honest, and hard working, there is nothing you can’t do.” And with that, from everyone, students, and faculty here at SJHS would like to say thank you, and good luck Dr. Rockwood!!