Feelings About Nickelback

Article by Lizzie Kurban - SJHS Student Staff Writer

Do you hate Nickelback? A lot of people do, so if you do, then you’re not alone. What is it that makes them so bad you might wonder? Tommy Williams, a 9th grader, thinks that they are one of the worst bands ever. “The lead singer sounds like he’s being choked, their music is boring and repetitive.” he says. Sarah Thompson thinks that they only have one good song, which is the song, Photograph, but other than that “lame. Their music is lame.”  Jonny Acevedo says, “I’ve never really listened to them before, because I strive to keep myself away from trash. But I think they’re are a bad band.” Anya Keil says that she’s never listened to them before, but they seem to have a really bad reputation.

Now that we know what music people don’t like we asked them what type of music they actually like to listen to. Tommy says that he’s a fan of classic rock, he likes bands like The Beatles and Nirvana and Radiohead. Sarah is also a fan of classic rock, she loves the band Journey. Jonny is a fan of older music, like Frank Sinatra and Queen, but he does enjoy a good Disney soundtrack. Anya loves R&B and rap, her favorite artist is Childish Gambino.

What makes all of these artists better than Nickelback? Absolutely nothing except opinion. This article was written as a joke, so if you like Nickelback I’m sorry. It’s okay to have your own opinion and like certain types of music, everyone has their own tastes, feel free to express yours.