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Field Trip for Computers

Submitted by jennifer.dunn on Mon, 01/25/2016 - 14:31
Jakob DeLlamas; SJHS Staff Writer

Learning is usually associated with being in school, but that does not mean that kids do not travel to other places to learn.  On December 8th, 64 girls from SJHS traveled to the Advanced Learning Center in Springville for a lesson on computers.  This field trip was reserved only for girls, and they learned about career opportunities in computer science and engineering, especially coding. 

According to Mr. Rowley, the assistant principal, he took the girls so they could look at a field of work girls traditionally do not go into. According to Sophie Mendivil, a seventh grader who went on the trip, it was fun learning about computers and watching a movie about teenage girls learning how to code apps.

In the end, 400 girls participated in the activity from multiple schools around the district. Jaylem McCann, another seventh grader that attended the field trip, said, “I would definitely do it again!” With a lot of great opportunities in this world, we are happy to have people pursuing a wide variety of opportunities here at SJHS.