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Girls Basketball Coaches

Submitted by tara.pina on Wed, 01/22/2020 - 09:30
Article written by student: Amanda Felix

        A coach is someone that guides the team. The girls basketball team practices every day that they don't have a game. The coaches are a big part of the team, they lead them. A coach devotes their time to the team so they can achieve greatness.  

         The girls basketball coaches are none other than Mrs. Hatch and Mr. Hammon. They have coached other sports team for the Jr. High. Mr Hammon and Mrs. Hatch have both coached track and cross country together. In addition to coaching track and cross country, they decided to try coaching basketball this year. Mr Hammon was in charge of the score table last year, he enjoyed watching the games so he decided to give coaching a try.  At practice Mrs. Hatch decides to focus on the fundamentals and to improve on ball handling. Other skills that the team is focusing on for the upcoming games, is boxing out. When asked why Mrs. Hatch decided to coach she said “I love seeing students out of the classroom.” One of their favorite parts of coaching is the all the fun times and laughter that they have together. 

          Coaches play a very important role on a sports team. Mr. Hammon and Mrs. Hatch are phenomenal coaches and make basketball a party. Thank you coaches for all the that you do for the team!