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Girls' Basketball Tryouts

Submitted by tara.pina on Tue, 11/22/2016 - 11:00
Article by Hailey Gabbitas

The 9th grade girls had basketball tryouts at SJHS on November 7th and the 8th. SJHS has a boy’s and girl’s basketball team, but today we are just focusing on the girls' tryouts. It is always exciting to watch basketball especially if you're a fan, so let's dig in.

According to Sage Bowers she’s trying out “ to get in shape for softball, and I like being on a team.” Also, Onikah Locklear said that she thinks it’s really fun, and she want’s to be on a school team. Carlitta Davenport said “ I like it and I have been playing since 3rd grade.”

According to Sage, Onikah, and Carlitta they love to play point guard. Kimberly Bortolon said, “I love to play defense because it is easy to manage.” Also Katie Jackson said that she likes to play “center because it is fun.”

Sage said she was inspired to play basketball by Katie Jackson and her sister. Carlitta said that all her siblings were playing so she tried too and began to really like it. Onikah said, "My Uncle’s inspired me because we would play all the time together.” Anya Keil said that “ My Mom inspired me to play because she was really good, and I look up to her I want to be just like her.”

Good luck to all the girl’s trying out for the SJHS basketball team!