How to Have the Best Spring Break

Article by Jocelynn Garner - SJHS Student Staff Writer

No big plans? Nothing to do over the break? No problem! Maybe you can’t take a trip to Italy or go see the Grand Canyon but there is plenty to keep you busy. Springville Jr. High students you don’t have to sit inside on your phone or constantly watching tv. You have a break from school no need to waste it away. Enjoy the break this April first through ninth.

You’re probably wondering “What am I supposed to do then?” Well there is a lot of stuff to do. First idea for you is to finish up any homework you may have due after spring break. It won’t be hanging over your head the entire time if you get it out of the way now. School is stressful, there is no doubt about that, so take some time to relax. Read a good book and sip on a nice glass of lemonade outside under a shady tree. To help not have so much stress with school try making a schedule to help keep your day on track, or so you don’t get too far behind, you have a busy week coming up. That’ll also give you something to do.

Inspiration boards could be a fun idea. Try doing a craft. You could even do simple activities like playing a board game with your family, or going out and practice for the sport you are playing. Even if you don’t play a sport it’s always great to go outside and get some sun. Been wanting to try that makeup or nail tutorial you watch on Youtube, well now you have time to try it. Get out there and try something new!

Volunteering in your community and spring cleaning can be a refreshing deed and your parents will sure love you for helping with it. Exploring, concerts, festivals, and small road trips are great entertainment for the family or with some friends. Hiking, camping, and fishing are great activities to do outside. A movie marathon can be great. Even just spending time with friends can fill your spring break with joy. Lora Bough suggested completing something from your bucket list.

Remember you don’t have to fly to the moon in order to have a spectacular spring break. Just do what will bring you joy. “Spring is nature’s way of saying, ‘Let’s party!’” Robin Williams once said.

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