Iayla Searle

Article by Rainy Hickman - SJHS Student Staff Writer

Iayla is an 8th grader here at SJHS, and is a goofy girl. Her middle name is Florence, and Math makes her bored, no surprise. If she had a power, it would be to see dead people. She admires people that aren’t afraid to be weird in public, and she envies me, “because you have beautiful hair,” she said.

She regrets not eating breakfast, and is scared of people, “they’re normal, and smile too much.” She said she was in the middle, when I asked her if she had a happy life. “Love, I feel like everybody deserves love, no matter what,” she said, when asked to pick between love and trust. She misses her best friend, Paige, from her childhood. The hardest thing for her to give up on, would be her drawing.

Her favorite four-legged creature is a rhino, because their just like unicorns, but not as appreciated. She likes spicy food, but it depends on the spiciness. She doesn’t know her bed size, but she knows her feet stick out the end. Does she like chocolate? “Is that even a question? Yes,” she exclaimed, laughing. Her favorite five foods are spaghetti, pizza, ice cream, cheesecake, and just cake in general.

That’s Iayla Searle. And like I said, she’s very nice, and a good kind of weird.