Junior High Drama

Article by Alyssa Badger, SJHS Student Staff Writer

Junior high is known for girl drama. Most people here believe that there’s a lot as a teenager. ¨No matter where you go there is gonna be a drama problem.” one student said. Multiple students say there is an issue with the way certain people interact with each other while being a teen. There is a variety of students who feel they are a victim to the drama epidemic.

In a survey, ten out of ten people believe that everyone is involved with drama at some point in their teenage years. Though some people go through more than others, they all agree that everyone goes through some form of it. Mr. Hammon, the eighth grade health teacher at the school, says the best way to deal with drama is to “put your life in perspective, take a step back and count your blessings.” He says that staying off social media is a good way to diffuse the drama. He claims, “don’t gossip or spread rumors.” to be the best way to not start drama. He says that in our day and age people’s brains are starting to not fully develop until around 25-30 years old instead of 20-25 years old like past years. The best way to help with this, he says, is to just not be on your phone so much and don’t let it control your life. He says this will help you in long run with drama and the development of your brain.

One girl says that she’s not really involved with drama a lot but does feel like there is an issue with it as a adolescent. She says she deals with drama depending on what it is. “I usually just brush it off.” she added. Another student said she asks her mom what she should do when something comes up then she helps her out.  She says that she is involved in drama all the time. She said “Though there is drama as a teen, it’s just apart of life.”

In conclusion, though a lot of students believe that everyone goes through some type of drama as a teenager, it does not affect everyone.