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Let’s Pump It Up!

Submitted by jennifer.dunn on Tue, 11/03/2015 - 12:28
Kinzie Lewis; SJHS Staff Writer

Here at Springville Junior High (SJHS) we have spirit because we have cheerleaders! The eighth grade cheerleaders cheer on SJHS football teams! 

Sophie Noyes, an eighth grade cheerleader, said, “Cheer is so fun. We get to makeup stuff, watch football, get candy, and you get to be with your friends.” According to Abby Carlton, another eighth grade cheerleader, cheer is very enjoyable and the coach is awesome. 

Presley Kennard, another eighth grade cheerleader, said, “ Cheer gets you motivated.”

Haylee Carpenter, another eighth grade cheerleader, said, “Cheer’s a great way to be with friends.” 

Bailee Parker, another eighth grade cheerleader, said, “I freaking love cheer. I'm obsessed with it.” They all said you just work hard on your toe touches and your high kicks. They do practice whenever the coach decides, which is usually twice a week. 

Haylee’s older sister, Marissa, was a cheerleader at Springville High School. Haylee said, “She’s the one who got me motivated, and that’s why I want to do it in high school and next year.” According to Bailee, she is also going to do it next year and in high school. Presley said she was going to do it next year too. “It’s too fun not to,” she said. Abby also is doing it next year because you get to learn new skills. 

Sophie said, “If a girl came up to me and asked me why they should do cheer I would say because cheer’s fun, and you get to see boys play football.” 

Bailee added, “It’s a really good experience. You become obsessed with football and you feel like apart of a family.” 

Presley said, “I would tell them to practice a lot and they’ll enjoy it.” According to Abby, she would say that you get to make new friends. 

Abby said, “I don’t regret doing cheer, even though we had rough times and we argued.” 

Haylee stated, “I don’t regret doing cheer. It’s too fun to stop.”  Sophie does not regret doing cheer because you get to learn. 

Presley added, “I’m new to this school and cheer made me have some new friends.” 

Presley said, “I’ve done cheer since I was eight years old.” Haylee has done cheer for three years, this being her third year. Bailee has been doing cheer for two years, this being her second year. Sophie has done cheer since she was pretty little. This is Abby’s first year, but she plans on doing it for a few more years.