Let’s Talk about Toys

Article by Angela Lopez

Let’s about toys, mainly childhood toys, we want to know about  your very first childhood toy.

What was your favorite childhood toy? 9th grader Alex Yoder said it was t-rex toy. He said it was his favorite“because my dad would help make stop motion films.” 8th grader Jocelynn Garner responded that her favorite childhood toy was a Rainbow Brite doll. Why? Simply, she responded because Rainbow Brite is so cool and she was like a superhero . Rainy Hickman's, a 9th grader, favorite toy was a penguin stuffed animal. Why? She said “because it was my firt toy.”

Do they still have that toy? Sadly they all said no. What would they do if it came to life? Alex said that the t-rex would probably eat him. Jocelynn said, “I would go on adventure with her." Rainy simply said that she would be really happy. Would they ever bring to school if they still had it? All of them said no because it would be embarrassing.

Now what is your favorite childhood toy?