Life Changing Blankets

Article by Jaquelin Tlatenchi

Ms.Davis a wonderful woman here at Springville Jr High school arranged for SJHS to donate blankets to Huntsman Cancer Institute along with other schools. Ms.Davis shared the story behind the Life changing blankets, here’s what she said, “I have a close friend, we have been friends since elementary school. her husband had cancer, was in the huntsman cancer institute on and off for two years following a bone marrow transplant. He received  a “graduation blanket” during the time he was in the hospital. My friend found out after he passed away the “graduation blankets” are donated. She decided after he passed away she wanted to make the blankets and donate thim in her husband’s memory and I wanted to help her with this tradition, I asked our principal and other junior highs in Nebo to help out. There were four junior highs, including SJHS, that made blankets. Diamond Fork Junior High made over 70 blankets. Vicki Gardner and the Junior Honor Society cut and tied their blankets. Jonathan Lawrence and Melissa Neilson at Spanish Fork JH worked with their Junior Honor Society as well as their Hope Squad to make the blankets. They donated over 60 blankets. Coleen Huff at Mt. Nebo JH worked with the student council at their school, at SJHS the Latinos In Action students worked on the blankets as well as me and my family. We donated 65 .” In total there were nearly 200 blankets.