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Meet Mrs. Burge

Submitted by tara.pina on Sun, 09/30/2018 - 12:37
Article by Kobri Fausett

Mrs.Burge is a newer teacher here at our school, let's find out where she came from. Where did Mrs.Burge teach before you may be wondering, she explained, “I taught for 5 years i the Jordan School district,  and then I stayed home for 9 years with my kids. I then taught a Mountainville Academy for a year before my husband got a principalship down is San Juan county. I worked as a teacher there for 7 years.”

That's so fun to be going to different places and trying some new stuff. All of this experience definitely prepared her for everything to come in the future. All of that switching around, how did that bring her here? Mrs. Burge explained  “Even Though we loved our student there, we jumped at the chance to be closer to family. I picked Springville Jr HIgh because of the awesome administrative team and beautiful building.” what is some differences between those districts? “In my last school district the building was much older. I am lucky to have such a beautiful nw building. Another big difference is my new teaching teams. In my old school, I was the only ELA( English Language Arts) teacher for an entire grade ; here at sjhs we have 3 or 4 per grade. It’s nice to be able to collaborate with a team. I did get paid quite a bit more in San Juan School District, and i had twice as much sick days, in spite of that, I love being a Knight!”