Mock Trial

Article by Sekaquaptewa Groves, SJHS Student Staff Writer

Here at SJHS we have some very unique clubs. One of the most interesting opportunities is to participate in Mock Trial. Students involved with Mock Trial get to go to other schools and have a pretend trial. Luke Carter, who was Mock Trial last year, said they learned what a real trial is like. Alma Burrows said he learned more about real trials.

“The best part is getting to take the day off school and hanging out with my friends.” said Luke. He said that even though it can be fun it is really hard.  “It would be fun, but it is a lot of work.”

Alma said he wouldn't do it in high school because it is so much work. Both Luke and Alma said that Savannah Clyde takes charge of the group. Alma said Savannah makes sure the team is successful.  In all, mock trial sounds like a club that helps you be more responsible and learn about real court rooms