Most Embarrassing Thing You Did When You Were Little

Article by Eliza Whiting

What is the most embarrassing thing you did when you were little? Jocelynn Garner an eighth grader, said it was when her brother was teaching her how to whistle so she whistled and a lady thought it was Jocelynn’s brother that had whistled at her. Jocelynn said it was funny for her and more embarrassing for her brother. She thinks it was funny that the lady was mortified.

“When I was five,” Izzie Bagley, and eighth grader, said, “I was on the Queen Mary Ship, and I couldn’t find my parents, so, I freaked out and grabbed my little sister and about threw her overboard.” She said that she did it because she panicked. “I still want to do it some days,” she says.

She added that her parents freaked out and if the same circumstance were to happen now she probably just would read until her parents found her.

Emma Beisinger, an eighth grader, said that when she was 3-5 years old she always had a ball of fluff and she wouldn’t go anywhere without it. She couldn’t sleep without it. She says that her cousins did and still do joke about it and make fun of her for it.

Embarrassing stories are so fun to hear. What was your most embarrassing story?