Mrs. Gleave

Morgan Roper, SJHS Student Staff Writer


Everybody knows Mrs. Gleave as a math teacher, who works at Springville Junior High School.  But nobody knows the Mrs. Gleave who learned how to build a house before she learned how to cook.

Even though Mrs. Gleave is now a math teacher now, doesn't mean she always wanted to be a teacher. Mrs. Gleaves childhood dream job was to be a pharmacist. Almost all the way through college she wanted to be a pharmacist, until she realized she had to take chemistry. Mrs. Gleave hated chemistry. So she rethought the job she was gonna do pretty much the rest of her live. And she remembered how horrible her math teachers were in junior high. “There has to be a better way” Mrs. Gleave said. So she did all the schooling and then stayed home for 15 years being a mother. And became a math teacher after those 15 years. 2017 is now her 11 year of teaching!

Mrs. Gleave was born October 30. She got a nickname “Boo” because she was born the day before Halloween. Her brother claimed she got the nickname from crying a lot as a baby. Mrs. Gleaves favorite food is all Chinese food. She has built, and still can, build a house!

Mrs. Jackson a math teacher at Springville Junior High School said,  Mrs. Jackson loves how her and Mrs. Gleave can laugh together in the hallways at all the stupid things kids do. Mrs. Jackson loves working with Mrs. Gleave, she doesn't know if she could survive without her, Mrs. Gleave is the moon to my stars, the apple to my worm, she is the music to my dance. I love you Mrs. Gleave.” Some students have said, “I love Mrs. Gleave, she pushes us to be successful in math. She really cares about us and if we pass her class.”