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Oh the Suspense

Submitted by jennifer.dunn on Tue, 01/26/2016 - 10:37
Ryann Brockbank; SJHS Staff Writer

In November, here at SJHS, Ms. McBride’s, and all the eighth grade English classes, started a new project: writing suspense stories to better help them understand how they can make their stories better. “Suspense makes stories more interesting; I love seeing the students’ creative ideas,” said Ms. McBride, an eighth grade English teacher. The students learned the definition of suspense, which is “a state or feeling of excited or anxious uncertainty about what may happen.” 

To start their writing process, the English students filled out a brainstorming packet, describing their story, their main character and the main pointers. Most students, like Abi Macias, a student of Ms. McBride, got their ideas from the inspiration prompt pictures posted in the back of the classroom. But some people, like Nate Conrad, another English student, got inspiration from  events in their own lives.

Nate said, “I came up with my idea on my own- Friday the thirteenth, but I gave it a little twist. Instead, I did Thursday the twelfth, the seconds leading up to Friday the thirteenth.” 

The English classes learned the difference between suspense, horror and surprise. According to Ms. McBride, there are a lot of examples of suspense in books and movies, so it is easier for the students in her classes to better understand suspense.A lot of the students of Ms. McBride’s classes like writing suspense stories because they can express themselves in any way they want. Abi Macias’ favorite part is sneaking in the subtle hints leading up to her grand reveal.