One Million Dollars

Article by Eliza Whiting and Jocelynn Garner

If you won 1 million dollars and could only spend it on one thing, what would you spend it on?

“I would spend it on being able to travel,” says English and Journalism teacher Ms. Pina. What she means by this is she would pay off everything and get plane tickets for herself and her husband, the way she worded it means it technically counts as one thing. “I feel like traveling is the one thing I don’t spend money on and I want to see the world.”

Mr. Hammon, the health teacher, also would like to travel but he said he would spend his money on plane tickets for himself and his wife, because he has a dream to go to every country in the world!

Tessa Popham, an eighth grade girl at SJHS, says she would spend it on helping people because she tells us she is a good person. Andres Lopez, an eighth grader, says he wants build homes for the homeless.

You get all this money but suddenly you die! You have to leave it to someone, but who? Charity, best friend, family, stranger? Ms. Pina would leave it to her dear husband and family. Mr. Hammon would leave his wealth to his beautiful wife. Andres would do the same as Ms. Pina and leave his money to his family. Tessa mentioned that she’d leave her money to her parents. Clark, an eighth grader at SJHS, would let his dad have his riches; and Maddy Black’s brother would gain her money.

If she had to, Ms. Pina would share her money with her family. Mr. Hammon would again share his money with his wife or his adorable bunny, Smow. Tessa and Andres would share their money with their parents. Maddy and her sister would share her money. Clark would share his million dollars with his best friend.

Your million dollars will go far! You can help the needy, homeless, charities, family, friends and even strangers. You can share it with anybody and spend it on a anything you want. What would you do?