Parent Teacher Conferences

Article by Esmeralda Montoya, SJHS Student Staff Writer

       Teachers, parents, and students went to parent teacher conferences Thursday, February 16th. At SJHS they have parent teacher conference once a term.“Once a term is enough,” said Ms. Edenfield, an English  teacher at SJHS. At parent teacher conference, parents had the chance to meet  their student’s teacher and to know what they're doing in school.Teachers  love to meet students parents, even if it takes time to go to each individual teacher “ It takes a lot of time, but it's worth it” said Ms Edenfield. It’s good that you meet in person better than email because then the your teachers get to see your parents and siblings way better in person is something that Ms. Edenfield said. “ I like the face to face connection,you can’t get that through email ” said Mr Jensen

Some people may think that PTC is just a waste of time? Mr Jensen thinks it’s good because “People in the community can meet teachers and if problems can talk things out”. There are a lot of good ideas as to why they should come but some just don't have the time or they just don't like to come.”My mom gets mad at me” said Hondo Quezada an 8th grader abotu when he comes to conferences. If this sounds like your situation you should probably get your grade up and be positive about it because parent teacher conference is a good thing to come to. Jake Follette explains he likes coming to the conferences because ”I could show my mom how cool I am.” Emma Burham an 8th grader said “It is fun to hear what teachers say about me”.

So parent teacher conferences is a good event to come to. If you have a chance your parents should see how good you are doing in school. They would be proud, so if you have time or a chance to even come you should go.The next one might be the best one; go show your parents how special you are.