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People of the Past

Submitted by tara.pina on Fri, 01/13/2017 - 15:43
Article by Jocelynn Garner

People from the past are not to be forgotten so to remember some individual favorites, students at Springville Jr.High talk about which people they’d like to meet from the past and why.

Jazmyn Haws, an eighth grade girl, would like to meet young Obama. She’d like to meet him because he is her favorite president and she’d want to say “Yo what’s up?” Elle, an eighth grade girl, wants to meet her birth mom. She’s never met her and she thinks it’d be cool if she had the chance. Logan Herrick, a ninth grade boy says he would like to talk to Alex Pugh. He’s already met him and would just like to be able to have one last day with him. “He was really funny, cool. I would have liked to get him some help.” Logan said. Sydnie Nilsson, an eighth grade girl, chose to meet Alan Rickmen. “He’s legit!” said Sydnie. If Bethany Blakey had the opportunity she would like to meet Amelia Earhart. “Super awesome.” is how Bethany described Amelia. Kashlee Garner, a tenth grader at Springville High would have liked to been able to meet Robin Williams. “He could make everyone laugh even if they didn’t want to.” Kashlee said. McKay Whiting, a seventh grade boy would like to meet Arthur Ashe. “He’s really cool, like this black guy and is fricken awesome.” McKay said talking about Arthur.

If able to Jazmyn would like to have asked young Obama “how’s life?” Elle would have asked her birth mom, “If she had the chance, why she chose my family.” Logan would have asked his friend Alex “why he did what he did.” Sydnie would really like the answer to her very serious question on “How do you keep such a straight face all the time?” Bethany would’ve asked Ms.Earhart “what was your inspiration?” Kashlee would like to ask Robin “Why he committed suicide and why that day?” Mckay would ask Mr.Ashe “about his childhood and what he did for fun.”

Jazmyn Haws, Elle, and Mckay would all tell them about the future. Bethany wouldn’t and Sydnie wouldn’t either because she said “I don’t want to crush his dreams.” Logan said he would tell Alex about the future and would “just tell him how many people cared and still care.”

If the chance came to hang out for a day young Obama and Jazmyn Haws would go get some ice cream. Elle and her mom would go to Disney World, Mckay and Arthur would play some tennis and talk. Kashlee and Robin would tell some jokes, Logan and Alex would play video games and Bethany and Amelia would fly an airplane.